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Stop Ignoring the Call to Greatness and Fame

All my life I’ve known I’m destined to do and be something great. And I’m writing this to send up a flare.

Come, all ye great ones. Let’s gather ‘round the campfire. Let’s join forces. Let’s be great in the name of potential and ideas and expression.

Authors. Activists. Coaches. Entrepreneurs. Network Marketers. Songwriters. Producers. Artists. Thought leaders. Actors. Screenwriters. Fashion bloggers. Designers.

This world is full of aggressive ho-hummery, and you’ve always stood out.

And yet …

There is a magnitude of greatness you’ve yet to realize. There is a gap between where you’re at now and where you envision yourself being.

And that gap causes strife in your life.

For me, it shows up as anxiety.

“Fuck me! I have such an amazing vision, but it’s so far from where I want to be! Let me worry about shit that doesn’t matter and create problems to field, instead of committing to my dream and losing myself in the obsession.”

For others, it might show up as depression, fights with family, lashing out, drinking too much, smoking too much pot, overdebting …

The gap. The deficit. The contrast. The space between here and There. AKA: right now. AKA: The Royal Now.

It can be hell.

But that’s just a distraction. You have to believe that. The gap is something we created to fill with our own self-doubt.

“I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Um, excuse me – you can’t see shit with all of that garbage between you and what you want.

Empty it. Declutter. Clean house. Go Full KonMari. Tidy the path between you and your greatness.

It’s time to shut up, put your listening cap on, and start taking direction from the you always whispering in your own ear. She’s calling you from the There and giving you directions. So pay attention.

How do you know if you’re destined for greatness?

You’re reading this.

Yes, you. You wouldn’t be asking the question if you didn’t already know your potential.

So just make the choice now:

“I am destined for greatness.” Of fame, celebrity, or whatever you want to call it. That thing I can’t stop thinking about is my future. I commit. I surrender. I believe.

I polled some friends about what they believed their greatness was, and this is what I got:

A life coach who want to show others how to make their corporate exit without spinning wheels.
A plus size fashion model who want to represent for women of size.
Another aspiring model who wants to start a non-profit that helps families invest.
A network marketer looking to get to the top of her comp plan.
A boudoir photographer who wants to photograph a woman in every state.
A family portrait photographer who want to teach others in her field.
An astrologer and intuitive who wants to write a book.
A home decor designer who has HGTV queen, Joanna Gaines, in her sights.
Oh, and there’s me …

I’m working on two novels and I hope to publish two NYT best-sellers sometime in my 40s (I’m 38 now). I’m talking adapted for television, movie deals, magazine covers, lunch at Oprah’s house …

EL James-levels of adventure, basically.

One novel is a contemporary love story. It’s hot, but it’s not a romance. Beautiful, broken people, hurting each other over and over.

The other is a fan fiction of the biggest American epic of all time. It’s a sacred work and I feel out of my mind for even touching it, but – I’m sorry/not sorry – this story I wrote is fucking brilliant and needs to be told.

These are big dreams. These are dreams that deserve a chance in this lifetime. And you deserve a chance to realize them.

Destiny called. It said, “pick up the phone, already!”

Next up: the vehicle that gets you from here to there. Stay tuned, Great One.

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