Stop waiting on leads from your broker, or paying Zillow or Own your leads. Follow up on your time and nurture your leads to establish rapport and stay top of mind.

Local Small Business Owners

Stop wasting money on poor quality leads from Groupon, TravelZoo, and other "deal" sites, and start getting top quality leads - not just deal seekers.

Lead Generation & Nurturing

How this works ...

First, we get you set up with the right offer for your audience - something free that resonates with your customer and provides value, while also positioning your business as highly-coveted in your industry.

Next, we will build you what's called a "sales funnel," that will deliver your free offer and collect your lead's contact information, and can also automatically follow up with the prospect over time.

We'll use highly-targeted Facebook ads to drive only the right customers to your offer.

Finally, we'll manage your ad campaign - adjusting the targeting information when necessary, scaling up what's working, and eliminating what's not working.

You could spend months learning how to use Facebook ads properly, build sales funnels, write ad copy, create graphics for ads - or, you could let the team at Multipassionate Empire do this for you, so you can continue doing what you do best.

What this will cost:

$1,497 Setup

Includes building your sales funnel, audience research, targeting research and setting up your Facebook ads campaign.

$997 Monthly Campaign Management

Includes dedicated campaign management - ad monitoring, ad adjustments when necessary, ad scaling and consulting.

*Does not include your budget for ads; leads cost estimate is between $1 - $10 depending on industry.

How much money would it be worth to bring in a steady stream of qualified leads, every month?

And what if you could scale the tactics that actually work, and stop doing the things that don't?

Would it make a difference in your business? Would it allow you to grow and increase your revenue?

Of course it would.


Learn exactly who in your local market is most responsive to your ads.

We'll get you set up with a 48-hour test of your local market to determine the details of your best, possible audience. You'll get to keep the audience settings in your Facebook Ad Manager for future ads and you'll also receive a report explaining the demographic and "interest" details.

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