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3 Reasons Solopreneurs Need a Ride-or-Die Mastermind

In my six years of solopreneurship, I’ve had approximately 73,912 masterminds and accountability partner arrangements.

Okay, maybe not that many. But, as an extrovert, I simply can’t function without some level of camaraderie and community.

So I’ve been on a quest, you could say, to find literally the only thing I miss from corporate America: co-workers.

In fact, masterminds have been something I knew I needed since Day 1 of my solopreneur journey. But, out of those masterminds, very few have been actually productive, meaning: I got what I needed from it.

That’s not to say I’m awesome and my previous mastermind partners were all duds – not at all. Just maybe not the most compatible. In fact, I had almost given up on them.


So, when I talked to an online friend earlier this year and she gushed about her mastermind, I couldn’t help but ask, “how did you bring such a compatible group together?”

“Applications,” she said. As in, she made prospective mastermind partners complete one.

She put out a call in various Facebook groups where she was active, detailing the kind of mastermind partners she was looking for, and – legit – made them all fill out an application. From those, she chose the most compatible, and they’ve been masterminding to greatness ever since.

It was a brilliant idea, and I almost did it myself. But I had my eye already on someone I wanted to collaborate with. I reached out shortly after, and not only was she totally game, she had someone else she wanted to bring in to make us a trio.

From the first meeting, I knew I had found my people – people that got me, people that embraced a team mindset, people who wanted to both show up for others and be supported. People who listened.

Plus, there was a compatibility that just felt right; we weren’t just a mastermind – we were a squad.

Since assembling my own dream team, I’ve found the clarity I’ve been looking for, and I know I’ve helped bring along some much needed growth within the group. It’s the best synergy I could have hoped for.

If you’re tired of working alone, or if you just haven’t yet found your squad, here are 3 reasons why you NEED to put together a good mastermind:


This idea is fundamentally basic: success can’t happen in a vacuum. Even at your best, you still need emotional support, collaboration, and the hive mind (more on that in a minute).

Your mastermind allows you to get out of the isolation of working from home and co-mingle energy to create amazing things for everyone. As brilliant as I know you are, you’re even better when paired with the right people.

Not only does masterminding bring you emotional and strategic support, but you also benefit from shared connections. It’s not just your network, but the network of everyone involved. And if you bring integrity to each meeting, your partners should have no problem making introductions when you need something.

But, like I said, there’s something cosmic at work here.

We aren’t just mastermind partners, we have a ride-or-die squad.

Here’s the truth: not everyone is going to bring victory to the meeting every week – but that doesn’t matter, because ANY success is success for the group.

If one of us is lagging behind when it comes to wins on the leaderboard, we’re ALL still on the high-speed train that is our mastermind. We’re all carrying each other as we race toward our goals.

Not only that, but we’ve developed something prophesied by Napoleon Hill in the success classic, Think and Grow Rich – a collective mind. There is a fourth brain working on all of our goals, and that is the brain that we all created meeting together every single week.

That collective mind is bringing together thoughts, opportunities, ideas, signals and everything else we need out of cosmic substance and channeling it directly to us. It’s not uncommon for one of us to share an idea that the others were literally thinking of moments earlier.

Hive mind, folks. Hive mind.


Every week, we show up to our call to do 2 things: a.) present our current status and ask for help, and b.) provide coaching, support, and strategic ideas to others.

And, in collaborating, I’ve reconnected with something I’m really good at (if I do say so myself). Several things, actually.

Coaching. Six years of absorbing the best in self development hasn’t just helped me – my clients get the benefit, too. And I’m downright addicted to self improvement.
Strategizing. OMG, you want to know how to get from Point A to Point B? Let’s figure that shit out. Three years in design and construction project management (yes – contractors, hard hats, cranes, million-dollar budgets, etc.) taught me how to do … anything.
Creative Development. Bachelors degree in interior design. Ten years experience as a designer. Five years as a wardrobe stylist. A lifetime of creative writing. Let’s take a thing – anything: a house, a wardrobe, a biz idea, your personal story – and make it cool AF so other people can see how fucking cool this is!!!
See how excited I am?

You need to reconnect with your strengths on a daily basis, a mastermind ensures you have the chance to.


A good mastermind should not be a group of people with the same experience all doing the same things. You need variety so a.) you’re not pillaging each other’s ideas and b.) you get unique perspective.

Now, it’s not horrible if you borrow tactics or verbiage if it truly feels authentic to what you’re doing, but having a minimum level of variety in the personalities and strengths ensures balance.

For example, here’s a peek at what the dynamic looks like in our group …

Partner #1 – The Hype Man

She’s the coach you want when it’s halftime and your team is losing badly. She can talk you out of a funk with literally 3 sentences because she believes in you like she believes in gravity and sunsets. She also has sales expertise and persuasion is her first language.

Partner #2 – The Creative and Marketing Genius

Not only does she have brilliant ideas, but she knows how to package them in a way that turns any mundane PDF into psychedelic catnip. And with experience running the marketing for large companies, she can help you strategize how to sell an idea to your audience.

Partner #3 – The Sage

She’s a life coach, so she’ll call you out on mindset that doesn’t serve you. She also started online marketing back in 2009, so she has the tactical experience we all need. She knows how to brand someone’s story and build an audience, then turn it into profit.

Don’t you wish your mastermind was hot like this??

It can be, you just have to find the right people.

So, look around your community and see who inspires you. DON’T be afraid to approach people you admire and who you are certain have strengths you might be missing. Aim high for the people you want to work with, it will only help you!

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